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Your Glastonbury Survival Guide

In a few days I’m making my way to the infamous Worthy Farm in Somerset for the UK’s most prominent music festival, Glastonbury. It will be my second time attending the festival after making the trip down there back in 2013, when the one and only Rolling Stones headlined – and what a monumental day that was!

This year, I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket in the resale. Being a festival fiend as you may well have read, I thought I’d share my Glasto tips and tricks ahead of the big event for the rest of you lucky people who are making their way down there too!

So here’s my Glastonbury Survival Guide…

  1. That bloody weather!

We’ve all seen the BBC coverage of many a UK festival cursed with torrential downpours and all those poor bastards making the best of what is really a rather miserable experience. So when it rains at Glastonbury, it’s a pretty big deal as that  8.5 miles of festival grounds get turned into the muddiest piece of land ever witnessed in history (probably). So remember when pitching up your tent to look for high ground and on a slight slope. Very important.


Glastonbury also becomes a shoe graveyard as the mud is so deep it pulls you into it, taking your shoes with it! For this reason wellies are top of my Glasto list. The forecast this year looks ‘iffy’ and is constantly changing. British weather is pretty unpredictable so bite the bullet and bring your wellies no matter how little precipitation the forecast claims.

What else can you pair with wellies? A rain mac! I bought my trusty ‘mac in a pack’ years ago and it’s never let me down, it’s so handy that I can just attach it to the outside of my backpack. That being said if you leave your campsite feeling fairly confident it isn’t going to rain and you don’t want to take your mac because let’s face it, it just doesn’t go with your well thought out Glasto OOTD (outfit of the day) then pop an emergency poncho in your bag or pocket. They are such life savers, trust me. If you get a clear one then you can see your outfit through it – win-win! Although do bear in mind that they can steam up which may leave people wondering whether it’s because you’re just really sweaty, or have broken wind.  Just some food for thought anyway…


Some additional waterproof essentials include sealable sandwich bags to waterproof your phone, and cling film works a treat too! Lastly, don’t forget the high knee socks to go with the wellies so the back of your legs don’t rub against them.

  1. Did I mention Glastonbury has a perimeter of 8.5 miles?

Apparently the average person walks just over 5 miles a day at Glastonbury, which can put a fair bit of pressure on those tootsies. So my top tip is comfortable shoes! Last time I bought a pair of cheap shoes from one of those bargain shoe shops and immediately ended up regretting it. Don’t get me wrong, your shoes will get trashed. But if you suffer from painful feet as much as me then think comfort as you’ll be on your feet for a very long time. I’m taking my old pair of Nike dunk trainers. I upgraded to air max so I don’t use these but they are hands down the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever had. I’m also taking flip flops as these are easy to walk around your campsite area in, go to the showers (if you can bear the queue) and the portaloos in.

Comfortable shoes

  1. Going to the toilet

Something no one can avoid. However the real issue is what do you take? Packs of tissues, toilet roll, wet wipes or baby wipes? How about all!

Packs of tissues are ideal for popping in your bag or back pocket and using whilst you’re in the festival area.  Nice and discreet too.

Toilet roll is good for keeping in the tent and mopping up and alcohol/water spillages as well as for making your morning/afternoon trip to the portaloos.

Baby wipes are essential for your daily body wash as showering most likely won’t be an option! You might also want to take one or two with you to the portaloos to freshen up a bit.

Wet wipes vs. hand sanitiser? I’m one of those people who take both but most people go for the hand sanitiser. But if you’re eating messy food they’re perfect!


P.S. Toilet etiquette – do NOT be one of those people who defecates on someone else’s tent. Not cool. And yes, that does happen.

  1. Can get PRETTY LOUD in the campsite areas

Don’t forget your ear plugs! No matter which quiet spot you pitch up your tent, there will be a group that will find the gap to plonk themselves next to you and set up their heavy on the bass big-ass speakers. I genuinely don’t know how these people survive the week with no sleep but guaranteed those speakers will be booming throughout. Ear plugs are therefore essential. Don’t plan on getting too much sleep but it’s nice to get a few undisturbed hours…  With that being said an eye mask goes along way, the sunrises between 4am-5am remember!

  1. Getting Boozy

You are allowed to take alcohol to Glastonbury, and chug as much of it as you want inside the campsite area. No glass bottles though! I usually opt for spirits – rum, vodka, gin etc all in plastic water bottles. A couple of cases of wine go down well too and some ciders to get the day time drinking started!

Expect to pay around £4.50-£5 for a beer or cider inside the festival area.

campsite fun

  1. The Glasto look

Okay, so this isn’t exactly ‘survival’ unless you believe in the fashion gods but I couldn’t resist sharing my favourite festival looks!

  • Bumbag

I just really love them because I like having my hands free – one to hold a drink and the other to fist pump to the music! I also feel that they are safer as it’s much harder for someone to pickpocket you from there then it would be in either a shoulder bad or backpack.


  • Outerwear

I get cold on my arms so I usually wear cardigans or jackets. I am totally loving my new Zara purchase, metallic AND pink! I cannot wait to show it off at Glastonbury. Teamed with some black shorts, it’s a winner!

Then there is my Ziggy Stardust inspired jacket which is totally festival chic if I do say so myself! Wouldn’t you agree?

Jacket wear

  1. Campsite Fun & Giggles

To add some sparkle to your look and your campsite friends, metallic temporary tattoos are just fabulous! I went a bit overboard last year with the false eyelashes as you can see but glittery eyes, a bejewelled face, body shimmer and neon paint is a must. It’s also a great way to break the ice and get to know you’re camping neighbours too!  Sharing is caring 😉

A tad overkill - I couldn't even see through them!
A tad overkill – I couldn’t even see through them!
  1. Now something that is actually a life saver

A first aid kit. You never know what unfortunate or drunken calamity is going to happen; in mine I always pack these essentials –

  • Scissors

  • Hay fever tablets

  • Paracetamol

  • Plasters

  • Bandages

  • Antiseptic cream

first aid kit

  1. Who are you going to call?

If you’re anything like me than your mobile phone is virtually an extension of you. I start to panic when I don’t have it with me – at all times! Kind of sad I know, but losing your friends at Glastonbury is like losing your drink in the sea – impossible to get back. So taking a few portable phone chargers or changing your sim card to one of those brick phones where the battery seems to last for a year is a good choice, especially if you don’t want to spend a good chunk of your time on your lonesome. Of course your friends will also need to do the same! And if all else fails, make some shiny new festival friends! Just smile and try not to be too creepy and you’ll make friends in no time! The food trucks are a good place to start. 👍

  1. Shine your light on me

Remember to take a head torch. I really love them! They are essential for those night trips to the portaloos and when you’re arriving back in your tent. You can also hang them up inside your tent to make into a tent light. So practical.

I do hope this list has helped you in some way. Glastonbury is an awesome festival, so have an open mind, explore and enjoy! See you there xx

And have FUN!
And have FUN!

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  1. some great tips in there, especially tip #3. my next fesitval experience will never be the same. thanks for sharing!

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