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Travelling Made Easy: ZFrame 8 Wheel 360 Degree Technology Suitcases Review

Strong and lightweight, two key attributes everyone needs in a suitcase and exactly what the new range of ZFrame 8 wheel 360 degree technology suitcases promise. I love it when things actually do what they say on the tin!

Will I see you again?

We’ve all experienced it, nervously waiting by the baggage claim praying that a) your suitcase arrives and b) your suitcase arrives in one piece! We’ve seen the shocking You Tube videos of how baggage handlers can treat people’s cases. Having something that doesn’t buckle under the pressure (quite literally) is an important contributor for a stress free holiday, or it certainly is for me.

I’m a big advocate of ZFrame suitcases, as you will have seen in my New Travel Companion ZFrame review article I posted a while back. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the brand new range of ZFrame suitcases, which boast improved 8 wheel 360 degree technology and are even sturdier and more lightweight then their predecessor! #winning

The trio of suitcases come in sleek black, the largest is 26” – the perfect choice for long haul flights to exotic places. The medium size suitcase is 22” and ideal for those 7-10 day holidays so you have enough space to pack a decent amount of your belongings in as well as having enough to bring a bunch of souvenirs back too! My personal favourite is the 18” suitcase in small because it’s ideal for the majority of travel I do. As a travel blogger, I’ve constantly one eye on airplane fares and when I spot a good deal I have a tendency to just nab it and jet off on a spontaneous city break trip. Rather than coughing up my spending money on checked in luggage I almost always opt for the hold baggage option. With airlines tightening up on hold luggage size and weight restrictions, the nifty 18” suitcase has 100% been my saviour.

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Why, you ask?

It’s super lightweight and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. From dashing to catch the Gatwick Express, cruising through security and easily slotting it in the hold luggage stand airlines insist we abide by to tossing it into the overhead cabin compartment, I always feel rather smug at how effortless that whole –usually stressful – arm of travel can be. I see people awkwardly bending down trying to wheel their two wheeler suitcase around before it topples on its side as they get to the escalators, then there’s the people rubbing their sore shoulders from their shoulder bags and oversized handbags. I used to be one of those people. I would arrive sodden in sweat onto the plane, internally apologising for my rather shiny exterior and rather odourous smell.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty

One of the key new features are the wheels, I tested these bad boys on all three cases. The ZFrame suitcases have molded plastic wheels which spin 360 degrees. So if you’re packing 30 kilos and you don’t have the biceps of The Rock, it’s not a problem, you can simply glide your suitcase along hassle-free. On the outside of the largest and medium suitcases you have a handle to the side to make it easy for lifting. The lightweight aluminium handle on the top slides up and down easily and it’s got a soft rubber grip handle cover for comfort and practicality. Inside the large Z Frame suitcase are three pockets on the lid, one is a mesh pocket ideal for your smalls and beneath are two concealed pockets good for storing toiletries in. On the outside of all three suitcases are large zipped pockets and there is an additional one at the back on the 18” case. I use these pockets for keeping safe my travel documents as I can keep them separate and just whip them out easily.

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The Verdict

As suitcases go, these are by far the best I’ve ever owned and the thought of going back to lugging around a two wheeler just doesn’t sit well with me. They are neat, compact, practical, durable and pretty swish looking. So if you want to look like a boss and cruise through the airport or train station calmly without risking a back or neck injury, then this is your bag.  The set is priced at £210 and in my opinion would be an investment worth making.

To learn more about the ZFrame suitcases available you can head to their website

How do you travel? Do you think the ZFrame suitcase would make your travel life so much simpler? x

Note: I was sent these products to review, however all views are my own honest opinion. 

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  1. Can this be rolled down the isle sideways in the airplane with the handles extended? I am seriously considering between this or the IT worlds lightest. Unfortunately, the IT does not have a 22″ model. But then I am concerned about not being able to roll this ZFrame down the isle.

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