Most Popular Posts of 2015

My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Happy almost 2016 and what an exciting time it is too! At this time of the year I always think about how far I’ve come and what I’ve done with my year in terms of travel and life in general. And what better way to ‘get deep’ than by rounding up my most popular posts this year. I’ve based the below top 10 on the most read. 

10. Borough Market – A Foodies Paradise


Oh yes, Borough Market, and once again as I think back my mouth is watering at the selection of fresh fayre available. As a ‘foodie’ myself I’ve visited my fair share of food markets and not only is the food particularly above par, there is something about the atmosphere and the history of Borough Market which gives it such character and an edge over the rest. Read more here

9. A Slice of India in London

Tooting Sweets
Tooting Sweets

One of my first trips once I settled in London was to Tooting aka my slice of India. Indian cuisine, beauty treatments and clothing at every turn and the price – although not quite as cheap as the rupees you pay in India – very reasonable indeed, and the food is just as authentic. My advice is to head to south London and sample the delights.

8. Spend a Weekend Camping in Devon


We can sometimes forget how truly beautiful England can be with the Mediterranean waters just a short plane ride away. However, my road trip to Devon not only gave me that outdoorsy, rosy cheek, healthy complexion I so needed (which London had totally sucked out of me!) but also allowed me to see how stunning the English coastline can be. Granted, you enter the sea full well knowing hypothermia is a potential option but to be outside camping with friends or family and having a chat down at the local pub is a trip I would advise everyone trapped in the city bubble to do.

Read how I got on and what I did on my camping trip to Devon.

7. Culinary Delights at the Dylan Amsterdam

Dish 2

Perhaps one of my more luxurious experiences and definitely one of my favourites; a combination of travel, food and wine is always hard to beat! On my trip to Amsterdam I indulged in High Wine at the splendid boutique hotel The Dylan Amsterdam.

What exactly is High Wine, you ask? Read here to find out!

6. Explore London like a Hipster


As a London local now, it was my duty to reveal only the trendiest of areas London has to offer. I list my top 3 hipster hangouts so you too can revel in the hipster lifestyle.  Okay, so this was a bit of a spoof-esk post on hipsters but I loved writing it and I’m glad you liked my sense of humour, too!

Catch the full post here.

5. Southern Comfort – A Travel Exclusive

Cocktail love

In this article I went all cosmopolitan, really! I had a go at making some cocktails in honour of Southern Comfort’s travellers’ exclusive whiskey. That’s right, only available at the airports for post or pre-holiday fun! Read my post to find out the recipes.

4. The Hidden Gems of Lloret de Mar


Spain, the third most visited country in 2015 and Lloret de Mar is renowned for being one of the most touristic towns. However that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t any hidden gems to be discovered, which I found out on my visit there in April. From local traditions such as Castellars to virgin beaches unspoilt by the pasty masses I reveal the best of Lloret de Mar.

3. Cheshire Girl Revealing My Oh So Cheshire World


Now firmly rooted in London, I certainly reminisce fondly about the rolling hills of Cheshire and the fabulous and quaint towns it has to offer. In a prime location, just between Liverpool and Manchester, a jaunt to the idyllic towns after the buzz of the cosmopolitan cities would make the best weekend break. Take a look at my top Cheshire spots.

2. Top 10 Favourite Travel Quotes

Travel Quote Inspiration

I love inspirational quotes and it looks like you did too! For those in a travel (or even life) lull then these pick me ups are your cure. I really enjoyed putting this post together especially as I matched up the quotes with places I visited.

Take a walk through your travel past and do the same. Would you pick any of my top travel quotes too?

1. Top 7 Hidden Gem Beaches in Majorca

Calo des Moro beach

This one is an oldie but a goodie, and it was my time spent living in Majorca which set the wheels in motion for Hidden Gem Holidays! :)

Getting to live in Majorca (Mallorca in Spanish!) led to so many adventures, and making some besties native to the island helped me discover all the best bits of the Balearic paradise. Save yourself the hotel and apartment skyline and head to these stunning beaches; read the full post here.

There you have it, my top 10 most read posts of 2015 . Do you have a favourite? 

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