Cheshire girl revealing my ‘Oh so Cheshire’ world!

I’ve been writing my travel blog for over a year now and when I first started out I had just come back from a big adventure backpacking around South America so I was excited to share my travel tips and tales.  However, travelling isn’t just about discovering the far and exotic planes, it’s about recognising what you have around you and making the most of it – it also happens to be A LOT cheaper! With this in mind, I think it’s about time that I started revealing Cheshire’s best kept secrets and promote local travel, too.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in Cheshire for just over 20 years. It’s my hometown and it’s treated me well thus far.  Cheshire is situated in a rather handy location, connected to ‘edgy’ Manchester, ‘vibrant’ Liverpool and Wales’ luscious pastures, plus it’s just an hour and a half train journey from London! *winning* Making it one of the most desirable counties to live in – and one of the wealthiest!  Cue images of footballers cruising around in Range Rovers and the ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’ cast tottering about in their heels– you’ll find them here too… But there is much more to Cheshire then that. Instead, picture rolling mountains, quaint pubs, cobbled streets and countryside walks.

To prove it, I’m going to let you in on some of my favourite Cheshire locations.

Best of Cheshire – My Top 5

  1. Nantwich

Peppered with historical buildings, most noticeably black and white Elizabethan houses it’s full of charm and you’ll fall in love with it from the offset. If you can, try and visit during the Nantwich Food Festival which takes place at the beginning of September.  The festival sprawls throughout the town making it the perfect excuse to go for a wander and fill up on fresh local fayre, with live music too!

Hidden Gem Find: Molly’s Tea Shoppe – a very cute English tearoom ideal for a cuppa and slice of cake. Watch out for their themed days – Mad Hatters Tea Party during the Food Festival is always a lot of fun!  

Images of Nantwich
The historical gem that is Nantwich

Source: Pinterest

  1. Chester

It should be forbidden to visit Cheshire and not go to Chester! High on everyone’s recommendation list and for good reason. This Roman city has so many treasures and must sees they will need to be revealed in a number of posts!

Hidden Gem Find: Central Perk – this is for the ‘Friends’ fans! A fairly recent addition to Chester’s array of cafes and is ideal for a shopping spree breather.

Best time to go: The summer! Stroll along the Roman walls and end up at the River Dee where you can rent a pedalo and bob up and down the river alongside the ducks.

Chester city
Hosting a visit to Chester with friends
  1. Knutsford

I would best describe this as a smaller version of Chester but just as endearing. Visit during the day and mosey down the cobbled streets with their boutique shops or walk to Tatton Park and spot some deer on your way. It’s free to enter Tatton Park grounds but you must pay to enter the stately home.

Hidden Gem Recommendation: This is the go to place for the Cheshire elite (and those who just want to get dressed up for a meal) to dine out, pick a restaurant and enjoy some fizz.

Images of Knutsford
Cobbled Knutsford roads

Source: Pinterest

  1. Stockton Heath 

A suburb of Warrington, it’s a well to do area, flashing boutique fashion shops, wine bars and my personal favourite; a great selection of charity shops.

Best time to go: On a Friday or Saturday afternoon where you’ll find people flooding out of the wine bars onto the street.

Stockton heath
Stockton heath

Source: Pinterest

  1. Lymm 

Or as I like to call it, ‘Lovely Lymm’ because that’s exactly what it is. A picturesque village with quaint pubs and shops. There’s also a dam which makes it ideal for an amble.

Hidden Gem Find: When you walk through the village – if you’re lucky – by the small bridge, there will be a cafe barge and you can sit along the canal or inside the barge and indulge in some bacon ‘butties’ and cake!

Lymm collage
From left to right: the little town square, walk around the dam and the fabulous cafe boat find!

Pop a comment below – I’d love to know if you’ve visited Cheshire or have any plans to! x

4 thoughts on “Cheshire girl revealing my ‘Oh so Cheshire’ world!

  1. Hello Cheshire Lass!
    I found your blog on Cheshire very interesting! I did not realise there was so much to see in and around the country. I have been to Winsford, Cheshire several time in the past but never ventured any further than Chester! I do seem to have missed out. Fortunately, we are blessed with excellent coach services where I live and hopefully, in the not too distant future, I hope to visit the places you mentioned. Well done girl! Keep up the good work.

    Mena D’Cruz
    Basingstoke, Hampshire

  2. Thank you! Glad you liked it and of course you must come visit more often – hopefully 2015 will be the year for a Cheshire visit?! Adela x

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