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So you’ve clicked here because you probably want to know a bit about the person telling you to get up and see the world…


I’m Adela, a twenty something working in marketing within the holiday industry.  My passion, TRAVEL, of course!

I studied Spanish and Business Studies at Newcastle University and since then have been lucky enough to have lived in Mallorca for eight months, backpacked through Central and South America and visited many cool places around the world, which you will soon discover all about!

Getting papped

Now, although I often dream about living out my life backpacking around the world like so many nomadic travellers I have already met along my journey, it’s just not plausible for everyone.

Some of us want a career and to enjoy the finer things in life, and who’s to say that this shouldn’t include exploring the world too? Well, why not take a nice holiday or something a little longer, such as taking a career break or going on that post-university (or pre) backpacking trip you had always wanted to take?

I’ve set up hidden gem holidays because I hope to offer you some advice, share my experiences and maybe even provide some inspiration for you to take that trip you’ve always wanted or even help you choose a spontaneous weekend getaway.

P.S. I’ve now joined the world of You Tube so if you want to really get to know me then check out my channel. Here’s a clip of me explaining some of my favourite things!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is a great resource for a first hand account of places i’m interested in visiting. Personal sites like these are far better than larger review sites that pay for positive reviews!

    Keep up the good work, these are enjoyable reads on lunch breaks!

  2. Hey, thanks Andy. Glad I can provide some lunch time entertainment 😉 Will keep the posts coming!


    1. Thanks! Will certainly be referring to Hitch-Hikers Handbook on my next trip, I’ve hitch hiked before, it’s empowering and certainly a big adventure!

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