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A Magical Jaunt to the Mohonk Mountain House Resort in New York

The resort

On my trip to New York this autumn, I was lucky enough to stay in one of the most picturesque corners of the world I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Situated in upstate New York in New Paltz is the epic Mohonk Mountain House, voted top 100 hotels in the world.

You don’t want to fall asleep on the drive up; colourful, quaint houses with well-kept gardens are dotted around, making you feel you have ventured into a storybook. As you continue through, and pass the golden fields, a windy road leads you to the Mohonk Resort. The grounds of Mohonk are endless, and in the middle of them lies the incredibly grandiose and breath-taking resort. The resort boasts an athletic field, volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball courts, a riding ring, stables, beach, maze, picnic lodge boat dock, golf course and even a barn museum! At no point will you be lost for what to do!

Mohonk Resort

The Shining

The resort interior is also impressive; I was pleased to see that it hadn’t been transformed into a newly renovated, soulless and cold interior which so many hotels now endeavour to create. Instead, it was warm, wooden, and full of character. One thing I was incredibly interested to see was room 666. The Mohonk Resort is where Stephen King spent writing his novel The Shining, and elements of the book were based on Mohonk. Every time Stephen King returns he rents out the whole of the sixth floor. Needless to say it’s pretty spooky! There are a number of rumours about how the sixth floor is haunted and of people spotting ghosts. The rows of deck chairs that line the verandas and balconies also help to create a rather eerie atmosphere, especially the ones on the lake porch!

Room 666
The haunting Room 666

In terms of the bedrooms, I was staying in a luxurious double. In it were two double beds spaciously separated, a sofa bed, a desk, a walk in wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a beautiful white tiled en suite. The beds were sumptuously soft and I certainly enjoyed my night’s sleep!

Double Room


The resort is famed for its spa; however I only took a dip in the indoor pool which was pretty relaxing in itself, the glass walls enclosing the pool are give you the perfect view of the surrounding greenery. If you want to use the spa Jacuzzi and sauna/steam rooms its $15 per day.

I opted to spend my time exploring Mohonk’s vast grounds. I went on a gentle hike to the sky top tower. At the top there are stunning views of the never-ending acres of land surrounding the resort. Autumn would definitely be my recommended time to visit as the weather is mild but crisp and the autumnal colours are sensational.

mohonk 2


That view
That view

In the evening, I spent my time around the man-made campfire in one of the designated areas in the forest. There I indulged in the American campfire necessity, smores! Smores are marshmallows melted between chocolate and biscuit on skewers over the fire- delicious.


My first smore :)

The dining experience

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a huge dining room in a buffet style. Never have I eaten so well! I must admit, being a massive foodie, meal times were particular highlights of mine. For breakfast I would highly recommend the omelettes. There are two chefs that will make you an omelette of your picking – it was truly the tastiest omelette I’ve ever eaten! For dinner, I’d recommend the chocolate bomb dessert, absolutely decadent.

Chocolate heaven

Mohonk resort is utterly whimsical and an oasis I would love to visit again one day. If you’re looking for an escape with some r&r then you will get exactly that here and with a gigantic array of activities, and rooms to explore you will never get bored!

For more information visit the Mohonk Mountain House Resort website.

Pssst. I’ll be posting a video shortly too so you can truly experience Mohonk!

All views are my own; I was not paid to visit the Mohonk resort.

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  1. +OMG! I found this blog of yours very interesting. I watched The Shining twice and good to know that you have actually been to the place where it was filmed. Cosmic!!!!
    I really wish I could visit this beautiful place. Keep the blogs coming….I find them very interesting.


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